Do you ever feel like your Internet Marketing consultant or Web Designer speaks a foreign language? Are you trying to make sense of the new catchphrases that are dominating your marketing strategy meetings?

Here are 13 Online Buzzwords that You Will Hear This Year

  1. Above the fold – This refers to the portion of a website you see on your screen when you first visit it. This is what you see before you have to scroll.
  2. Showrooming – When a person views, tries on etc. merchandise in a physical store location before buying it online at a lower price.
  3. 360 campaign – A marketing plan that blends offline and online, including social media.
  4. Infographic – A graphical representation of information or data
  5. Engagement – Online visitor action including likes, shares, comments, clicks.
  6. Immersive Experience – Highly visual, often social environment on a website
  7. Clickability – Something so appealing the visitor will click on it for more information.
  8. Return on Involvement – What a brand gets in return for socializing online. In other words, how much return on investment a brand gets for being more involved with their online visitors.
  9. Snackable Content – The trend of producing content that is shorter-form and easier to digest (read).
  10. Content Marketing – Businesses communicating and providing value to visitors through blogs, infographics, videos and social media.
  11. SMO – Social Media Optimization – Social media marketing with an emphasis on optimizing content, linking and connections.
  12. SoLoMo – Social-Local-Mobile. In other words, mobile services that connect users socially and locally. The growth of mobile demands businesses build their local presence
  13. Second screen – A large percentage of mobile users play on their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) while watching television. Businesses can incorporate this with cross-channel marketing integration.