Content curation is a term we use when we talk about the task of finding and sharing quality content on a specific content. Curating content is both an art and a science.

Curation helps you build a larger audience with whom you can share your own content with, and who can spread the word. Curating content should be an important aspect of your long term social media plan. 

If you’re thinking about engaging in content curation, you’ll want to think of yourself as a librarian of sorts. The Internet is filled with knowledge and articles and it will be your job to pull out the reliable and relevant articles based on your subject.

Of course, just like a library, there is always room for new sources. When you come up with an angle that has yet to be discussed, that’s when it’s time to start writing.

Content curation might seem simple, but it isn’t quick. Incorporating content curation into your social media strategy will take time.


5 Factors of Successful Content Curation Plans


  1. Who is Your Audience ? you need to be able to answer this question before you know what kinds of articles will be of interest and engaging.

  2. What’s Your Focus ? Once you have identified your audience and your business goals, pick one or two topics that will be of interest. You want to be labelled an expert so you here’s where it is important to specialize.

  3. How is the Quality? Remember, you are the librarian. You are the gate keeper of knowledge. You want your readers to be able to count on you to deliver good information.

  4. How often do you post? You need to share content on a regular basis since regular sharing helps you gain visibility. Remember to stay on topic and keep your content relevant to your target market.

  5. Who wrote the original piece? Always give credit where credit is due. Tag the original author/publisher at the end of your post.



Curating content is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Use it to fill in the space between your own well-written original articles.  

By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing / Social Media Consultant