Good Search Engine Optimization should be a part of your overall Internet Marketing Plan. That being said, there are plenty of myths surrounding what proper Search Engine Marketing really is.

6 Myths of SEO You Should Not Fall For:

  1. Keyword Stuffing – Stuffing your keyword metatag, website content, H1 tags, headers etc. with keywords will not increase your chances of getting higher in the organic search results. If you are advised to use white text to hide keywords, or to use a bunch of unrelated keywords in your website, don’t do it. Instead, do proper keyword research and then use the appropriate 1-3 keywords that fit the page you are working on.
  2. Tons of Links to your Site – Link building can be part of your overall SEO strategy; however, the key is to get relevant links from relevant websites using relevant keywords. Relying on link building will not increase your overall ranking within the search engines.
  3. Multiple Websites – Building multiple websites to link to your website is not a reputable SEO strategy. Instead, work on building your current website with relevant content.
  4. Optimized Sites are not User-Friendly – A website that has been well-planned and designed for visitor experience can also be SEO-friendly. It all starts with strategy.
  5. You Can Buy Results – You cannot buy organic listings in Google. Google and other search engines do offer Pay-Per-Click listings that you can pay for.
  6. SEO Is All About Meta Tags – There is more to SEO than filling out your Title, Description and Keyword meta tags

Professional web design and Search Engine Optimization starts with proper planning and strategy. In fact, SEO is just a portion of what should be your overall Internet Marketing strategy.

By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Specialist
GetOn Marketing – Kelowna Web Design