With the introduction of British Columbia’s newest holiday, BC Family Day, the big question is now what weekend it should take place.

The BC government is asking for your input to determine when to hold February’s newest holiday. As this is a holiday many hope to use to spend family time together having fun, it is important for you to have your say.

Many in BC’s tourism industry are hoping that you will select the 2nd Monday in February as your preferred choice for the new holiday. They believe that by having Family Day on a different long weekend than other provinces and neighbouring states, British Columbians looking to enjoy local attractions would not have to compete with visitors from other provinces and the US. It also means that BC businesses can capitalize on increased traffic and business over two holiday weekends during the month of February.

The other option is the 3rd Monday in February. By choosing this option it means that it may be easier to get together with families in different provinces and states. It may also be easier for businesses to plan, particularly those that operate in multiple provinces or jurisdictions.

Get more information and vote in the BC Family Day Consultation Poll.