2013 SEO Trends

2012 saw major changes in the SEO world, with the Penguin update leading the way. One thing is for certain, whether it comes to links or to content, quality still leads over quantity.

Webmasters, Internet marketers and business owners are realizing that providing top content to their visitors is of the utmost value. The search engines like it too. Regularly updating content, readdressing old pages, and following an organized content maintenance plan should be a key component of your 2013 marketing plan.

Both Pinterest and Instagram are predicted to be major players within business’ marketing plans. If done right, utilizing these websites well will help with SEO and also bring traffic to your website. Interacting with your visitors and potential and current clients through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ helps build trust across your brand.

The penguin Google updates have been penalizing websites for keyword stuffing, so once again, keyword clarity is important when building, writing and promoting your websites. Choosing the appropriate keywords and using them well is an important aspect to the success of your website. Since Penguin, some SEO experts have been advising to select a wider range of keywords and use them appropriately. Keyword stemming will also play an important role in SEO in 2013.

More and more Internet users are browsing from their mobile phones and tablets. Utilizing the smaller space provided on a mobile device is key looking into 2013. Optimizing for local search and participating in Pay Per Click programs may continue to prove wise in capturing the mobile market. Some business owners consider having a mobile site while others will continue to ensure their existing site is mobile friendly with clear calls to action.

Keep in mind that keeping up with Google algorithm changes in SEO is really challenging and time consuming. Over the years, the team at GetOn Marketing advises patience through updates because over and over again, well built sites, with quality content and proper keyword optimization reign supreme, update after update. Of course, keeping up with trends and incorporating new technologies and marketing plans is important, too.

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