Build Your Social Network Series – Lesson One: FACEBOOK

“If you build it they will come” is not a common mantra in the Website Design Industry. Increasing your brand awareness online requires a lot of work and marketing know-how. It’s worth it though! Your online audience can quickly become your brand champions!

While your social media posts, videos and content may or may not ever ‘go viral’, with a little work and perseverance it is possible to successfully build your online brand awareness organically to achieve success.


Lesson One: How To Get More Facebook Likes & Engagement


  1. Advertise on Facebook to get more ‘likes’. This is likely the quickest way to grow your fan base.

  2. Add Facebook Social Plugin Box to your blog and website

  3. Offer a free exclusive video or article that can only be viewed if you like the page

  4. Run a competition or contest that involves getting new people to like your Facebook page

  5. provide a big and bold “like our page” icon on your custom website landing pages

  6. Ask friends and family to like your Facebook page

  7. Post content from your blog to Facebook whenever you write a new post

  8. Provide enticing photographs that are appropriate for your target audience

  9. Include a link to your Facebook Page in your email signature

  10. Add a “follow us” button near the top of your website and blog pages

  11. Add a newsworthy Facebook update that is relevant to your audience every single day

  12. Offer special discounts to Facebook Fans

  13. Announce that your company is on Facebook – use your newsletters, a sign at your business, website updates etc. to promote your Facebook page


By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Specialist Kelowna Web Design and Internet Marketing