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Get On KelownaNow – Today

Who do you think deserves to win the Best of...
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Why Use a Digital Agency for Your Digital Marketing?

When it comes to marketing online, many small to medium...
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Lead in Local – Local Marketing Uncovered

For all small to medium business owners, ranking in the...
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What Are Retargeting Ads – How Can They Be Done Right to Help Your Business?

Retargeting, remarketing and pixels... They’re marketing buzzwords you’ve probably heard...
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Google Adwords, Bing PPC or Facebook Ads? Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Dollars?

It is a well-known fact that advertising through pay-per-click is...
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What Are the Most Expensive Keywords in 2017

  As more companies are taking advantage of the ROI...
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Make 2017 The Year For Reviews

We are encouraging our clients to focus on one or...
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travel business

EQ and Travel

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Canada’s Year in Search: 2016 Review

Us Canadians, well, we sure wanted to know a lot...
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Congratulations Tommie Gold Winners

It's always wonderful to see our clients receive recognition and...
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Our Marketing Intern – Flat Sofia

When my children were in grade two, they participated in...
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5 Tips for Successful Content Curation

Content curation is a term we use when we talk...
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25 Most Popular Passwords You Shouldn’t Be Using

"trustno1" and "letmein" are both clever and witty passwords ......
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Ooooh! Oysters in Osoyoos.

We love Osoyoos. Our work with Watermark Beach Resort keeps...
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Google Gives Mobile-Friendly Deadline

April 21, 2015 will soon be known as mobile day....
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4 Reasons Why Reputation Management Should Be A Part of Your Marketing Budget This Year

These four statistics showcase the power of online reviews: 70%...
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Seasons of Love: Google Analytics

I love Google Analytics! I'm passionate about utilizing a website's...
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Congratulations Alpine Meadows Resort Client Spotlight Congratulations Alpine Meadows Resort. As one of...
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Merry Christmas

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas.  The team at...
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A year in search

What you search for in Google can say a lot...
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New Website Launch – Grizzly Ridge Estates

Kelowna Web Design - Proud to Announce The Launch of...
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Movin’ On Up

Our Kelowna office has relocated. Please make note of our...
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9 Steps to Creating the Perfect Content Calendar

One way to ensure you stay on track with your...
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How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your Business

  If your business has employees or contractors posting on...
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Internet Leads Travel

Everyone else is planning their vacations and travel online -...
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Video Marketing 101 – It’s More Popular and Effective Than You May Think

I will admit, if I am teased into content but...
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Build Your Brand Mentions

Internet Marketing Professionals are already beginning to theorize what's in...
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Google AdWords Enhancements

Today, Google announced the following new updates to Adwords that...
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Easter Weekend

The team at would like to wish you and...
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Hackers Now Sneaking In Through Your Modem – What You Need To Know

What's the new and unbelievable way hackers are managing to...
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What You Need to Know About Apple’s Security Flaw … and How to Fix It

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad you will...
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How Private Is Your Facebook Profile? Have You Taken Advantage of Facebook’s Latest Settings?

Back in October, Facebook announced changes to their Privacy Settings,...
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Kelowna Web Design Promotion

Complimentary Website Audit Identifies Key Areas To Target Kelowna web...
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Internet Marketing & The Olympics – What’s Your Best Sport?

If Running Your Website Was Like Training for the Olympics,...
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Alpine Meadows Resort – TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Winner

Here at, we are very excited to share the...
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#WeAreCanada – Canadian Olympic Spirit Lights Up Social Media

Nothing brings Canada together quite like the Olympics. With the...
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Happy Birthday Facebook

It's been 10 years since Facebook changed the way we...
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Love: A Lesson in Analytics – Canada’s Most Romantic Cities

Last year we discussed Amazon's Top 20 Romantic Cities in...
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What Your Blog Headlines Say About Your Business

Your blog headline needs to be engaging and contain just...
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5 Myths About The Hummingbird

When Google’s latest algorithm update hit the search results, there...
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Connect With Us Online

You Are Invited to Connect with Us Socially We value...
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It’s Not SEO… It’s Marketing

One of key Internet buzzwords floating around these days is...
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8 Things To Boost Your Facebook Likes

You have set up a Facebook Business Page for your...
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Facebook 101 For Business

A Business' Guide to Getting Started on Facebook Does everyone...
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Facebook Promoted Posts

What Are Facebook Promoted Posts? When you post to Facebook...
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13 Internet Marketing Buzzwords that are Dominating 2013

Do you ever feel like your Internet Marketing consultant or...
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Back To School Basics For Your Website

Kelowna BC - As local kids head back-to-school today we...
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Understanding Your New Gmail Box

If you use Google’s Gmail for your email, you may...
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Win a Stay at Watermark

Our client, Watermark Beach Resort, is a beautiful lakeside resort...
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They Must Be Doing Something Right

One of the best ways to get savvy when it...
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Featured Client – Wilden

Client Showcase Series: Internet Marketing Works - Kelowna Homes for...
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Congratulations Penticton Trade & Convention Centre

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Penticton...
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Social Media – Learn From The Best

Social Media Posters – Take Note If posting on Social...
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6 Myths of SEO

Good Search Engine Optimization should be a part of your...
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How Consumers Can Utilize Online Reviews

  When my family takes a vacation, I scour Internet...
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Do You Need a #Hashtag Strategy For Your Business

What Is a Hashtag Anyway? It's a buzzword that basically...
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Facebook’s New Graph Search

Half the fun of Facebook is finding lost connections. In...
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Alpine Meadows Resort – Clearwater BC

BC Web Design Launch - Alpine Meadows ResortWeb Design &...
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The BC Provincial Election – How the Internet and Social Media can Influence the Vote

On May 14, 2013, the province of British Columbia will...
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Build Your Social Network Series – Lesson One: FACEBOOK

"If you build it they will come” is not a...
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A Lesson in Website Analytics: and Canada’s Most Romantic Cities

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, online retailer has...
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explorewilden – Kelowna Website Redesign

The Kelowna Web Design and Internet Marketing team at
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6 SEO Tasks Every Small Business Should Do … Every Single Month

Updated: Feb. 17, 2014 We get asked regularly what tasks...
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2013 SEO Trends

2012 saw major changes in the SEO world, with the...
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The Internet Year in Review – 2012

The other day my family and I were eating dinner...
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Social Media – Not Always About SEO

Social Media Marketing – It's Not All About SEO It's...
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Top 7 Website Mistakes That Are Easy To Make (and fix!)

When it comes to website design and Internet marketing, there...
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The Right Way To Handle a Bad Online Review

With all the review websites online (Yelp, Google+ to list...
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Kelowna Web Design Launches

Congratulations to the following businesses on their recent web design...
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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 175...
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Why Do You Want A Website?

The underlying purpose of any website is to sell something....
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Okanagan Wine Festival

As a Kelowna web design and Internet marketing company, we...
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A Day In The Life of An Internet Marketing Specialist

Updated - February 2014 This is one of our most...
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Kelowna Web Design – 6 Tips to Choosing a Firm

Whether you have decided now is the time to begin...
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Top Five Cool Treats in Vancouver, BC

We know what it's like to be working inside on...
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10 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest

Maybe you've heard of it. Chances are, your sister, wife,...
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Top 5 Ways to Optimize for Mobile Search

According to Aaron Goldman in MediaPost's SearchInsider publication, in 2011...
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Some Offline Networking Does a Business Good

We get so busy in the day-to-day work that sometimes...
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Nine Ways to Mess up Your Website

Here at Kelowna Web Design Firm, GetOn Marketing, we always...
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Father’s Day in Kelowna

The team at Kelowna Web Design and Internet Marketing firm...
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The True Cost of a Website

The first question a person usually asks when wanting a...
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Accolade Real Estate – Vancouver Web Design & Internet Marketing Client

Here at, we love when our clients are involved...
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4 Things To Know About Google +

1.) It's Another Social Media Site I know what you're...
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BC Family Day – What’s Your Pick?

With the introduction of British Columbia's newest holiday, BC Family...
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Our Day At Watermark Beach Resort

Recently, myself and a couple of my co-workers at
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Make The Most of Mobile

More and more Internet users are turning to their mobile...
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$100 in Free Advertising on Google

Every day, people go to Google to find businesses like...
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Pinterest For Business – 8 Tips

When I first joined the social bookmarking website, Pinterest, it...
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Local Search Marketing

When businesses first began publishing websites online, the goal was...
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The New

Here at GetOn Marketing, Inc., we have combined our skills...
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Don’t Want a Website?

Just because you may not want a website, does not...
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The Power of Local Search

I recommended my veterinarian to a friend. She texted me...
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Website Maintenance – Are You Doing it Right?

You launch your website and have a plan to maintain,...
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Digitally Fatigued?

I have Facebook and Twitter (personal and professional accounts). I...
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Keywords – Go For The Little Guys

It’s always good to target the big keywords. The most...
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Technology Can Help You

There are still many businesses who rely on the mail...
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Link Development Strategies

If you have a domain name and a website, chances...
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Google Adwords – Fast Rewards

As important as Organic Search Engine Marketing is for your long-term Internet...
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SEO Terms – A Primer

For many, Internet-speak is an entirely new language. The following...
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The Art of Marketing – in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter Changes the Face of Marketing …. Marketing executives once...
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Social Networking – A Weekly Plan

We all have the best intentions. We sign up for...
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If Your Business is Not On Facebook, Read This

Do you think Facebook is just for teens and college...
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Writing For The Web

7 Things That Make For Good Website Content You would...
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Tweeter’s Blog

To Tweet or Not To Tweet – that is NOT...
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How Long Does It Take To Rank?

How long does it take to rank – One Week?...
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Kelowna Real Estate Pros – Nyrose & Associates

The team at GetOn.Com is proud to announce the launch...
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twitter-screenshot Guide To Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks in...
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Online Networking for Your Business

The Internet is the new way to mix, mingle, and...
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SEO Myth – Multiple Domain Names

What to do with all those domain names and should...
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Three Ways to Generate Buzz

The Internet is changing the way businesses promote themselves. With...
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Keeping Up With Google

Google has begun making changes to its algorithms in 2009....
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