Hackers Now Sneaking In Through Your Modem – What You Need To Know

What’s the new and unbelievable way hackers are managing to steal your information? You already know it’s possible for hackers to collect your identity and credit card information.

Their latest method is to sneak in through your router. Router vulnerabilities are becoming more common and reports of hackers obtaining information are increasing.

The mass attacks through routers produce fake search results and download malware into all the devices connected to our network.

A variety of brand name routers have been subject to the attacks; including, NetGear, Linksys, D-Link, Micronet and Tenda.

Here are Three Steps to Protect Your Router

  1. Find your router’s program on your computer. If you do not have a router program, look up your router’s manual online and see what the device’s IP address is.

    Type the number that corresponds to your router’s address into your browser and enter the default login and password found in the manual.

    Change the default login and password that came with the router.

    Update firmware. Not only will updating the router provide you with the company’s latest protection, it may increase your device’s performance, too.

  2. Make sure you turn on wireless encryption and provide a strong password. While setting your wireless password, find the option to secure the network using WPA2.

  3. Take your router offline and make it invisible to people who don’t know the name. To do this, in settings select ‘turn off SSID (or network name) broadcasting. This keeps your network hidden unless you know the name.