How Private Is Your Facebook Profile? Have You Taken Advantage of Facebook’s Latest Settings?

Back in October, Facebook announced changes to their Privacy Settings, phasing out the “Who can look up your timeline by name,” privacy feature.

Regularly checking your privacy settings is an integral part of maintaining a profile on Facebook. Now is a great time to ensure your privacy settings are providing you with an optimal level of security and comfort.

Here are 4 Ways to Protect Your Facebook Privacy Right Now

1. Future Post Audience – Who can see my future posts is the default setting for what you post and share on Facebook. What this means is that unless you manually change the setting on a post-by-post basis, your Facebook privacy could be impacted.

What to do: Visit your Privacy Settings.


Click Who Can See My Stuff. Update the Who Can See My Future Posts setting. Choose custom, or friends for optimal privacy.


2. Set Contact Options

You can restrict who can send a friend request and who can send you messages. For optimal privacy you may wish that only messages from Facebook friends make it to your inbox while others are kept in the ‘other’ box. Some users prefer to only receive a friend request from a person if they have a mutual friend, while others will select to receive friend requests from any user.


3. Limit Past Posts

Even if you’ve only discovered Facebook privacy settings today, you can stop the public from seeing your old Facebook life. When you “Limit Past Posts” and agree to the prompt, Facebook will change all past public posts to friends only, so unknown people cannot see them.


4. See How Others See You

Facebook allows you the opportunity to view your profile as others would see you. Choose to view as a specific person or ‘public’.