How to Write The Perfect Blog Post

I know how it goes. You log into your blog and stare at the screen. You know you need to write a blog but your mind is as blank as the screen.

Your Internet Marketing consultant is urging you to blog regularly, utilize your keywords, and take advantage of the online conversation concerning your brands and your topics. But, where do you start?

  1. ¬†Identify Your Topic – Your topic should have a unique spin to an issue or topic that would be important to your readers. Here’s a helpful article about how to choose a topic.
  2. Create Your Headline – Your headline should be intriguing and offer incentive for your visitor to want to read more. It should hit an emotional target or cause them to feel curious. Whenever possible, utilize one of your keywords in your heading.
  3. Write an Introduction – Summarize your talking points in an introduction
  4. Pull-outs – Quotes, testimonials, subheadings etc. – Identify important items that can be ‘pulled out’ as a subheading, quote or even an image
  5. Write The Content – Keep the content simple and concise. Wherever possible, utilize lists and bullet points. Keep your content on topic and be sure to answer any questions you have asked and to have an individual spin on the topic.

Here’s an example of great blog formatting.
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