Love: A Lesson in Analytics – Canada’s Most Romantic Cities

Last year we discussed Amazon’s Top 20 Romantic Cities in Canada. Our own Kelowna was in 12th spot, after placing 3rd in 2012. For 2014 we didn’t even make the list.

Have we lost our zest for love and romance? Probably not.

After all, this annual list put out by Amazon is simply a clever way to gain publicity based on their website statistics. 

You see, the list is compiled from Amazon’s sales date of romance novels, relationship books, romantic comedies and romantic music sales from artists such as Michael Buble, Dean Martin and Barry White.

Here’s How Canada’s Cities Fare When It Comes to Romance (as purchased on

Canada’s Most Romantic Cities 2014:

  1. Victoria
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Niagara Falls
  4. Lethbridge AB
  5. North Vancouver
  6. Saskatoon
  7. Kamloops
  8. Langley
  9. Edmonton
  10. Regina
  11. Red Deer
  12. Thunder Bay
  13. Calgary
  14. Brantford
  15. Sherbrooke
  16. Pickering
  17. Kingston
  18. Nanaimo
  19. Waterloo
  20. Cambridge

Have those in Kelowna suddenly hardened around the heart? Or have our buying and shopping patterns merely changed.

Regardless of how (un)romantic Kelowna may very well be, the lesson here is how Amazon manages to create buzz every year leading up to a very important buying day: Valentine’s Day.

Can you learn from Amazon and their quest to rank Canada’s most romantic cities? Probably! Comb your sales data, look at your website analytics and see if any patterns emerge. Can you use this data to boost your sales?

Finding a gem within your website’s traffic data may be a little like finding love. Sometimes you have to go looking for it, and often it will be right there in front of your eyes.