The Power of Local Search

I recommended my veterinarian to a friend. She texted me in a panic on the morning of her appointment. She had googled the clinic, mapped the location, drove there and low and behold, there was no vet office to be found. Turned out, their old address was showing up in the search listings. I popped on my phone, scrolled through the results and directed her to the proper location. And then couldn’t help but wonder how many of their new clients get lost on their way, too.

My story demonstrates two separate themes – Local Search and Mobile Search.

1) Local Search

Even if a business does not have a website (gasp!) they should have a proper local web presence. A free Google Places Page, filled in and managed by the business, a Yelp listing, and listings in local directories is enough to provide searchers with a phone number and directions when needed. But only if the information is correct and up-to-date. So many of these local directories and services get their information from out-dated sources if you haven’t submitted your own information.

2) Mobile Search

More and more people are using their phones to dig up phone numbers, directions and information. Capturing these visitors is crucial because they’re ready for some sort of action or conversion. They are not leisurely browsing the Internet for some future buying or browsing session. They are looking for something they want now (a product, a service, a phone number, an address, directions, a menu, a hotel room, a house they want to buy etc.).

How your business shows up in Local Search Results as well as Mobile Search Results (just how far will a mobile user scroll when it comes to search results? Is your pay-per-click campaign optimized for mobile visitors?) is becoming more and more important to your business’ success online … and offline too!

By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Specialist – Kelowna Web Design including: Mobile & Local Search Marketing