Internet Marketing Professionals are already beginning to theorize what’s in store for 2014 in the world of websites and marketing.

 If Google’s latest patent application is any indication, it’s time for businesses to begin tracking ‘brand mentions’.

 What does this mean? Well, it’s time to think outside of simply generating links to your website content and to start building your brand and content in order to get mentioned.

 Your content strategy should be based on building content (page content, blog posts, news articles, social media posts, hash tags, videos, infographics, images etc.) that is worthy of being mentioned and shared.

 Five Types of Mention-worthy Content: 

  1. Content that plays on people’s emotions. Positive emotions tend to be favoured here
  2. Enticing content that asks (then answers) important questions
  3. Content that provides something for free 
  4. Awe-inspiring content
  5. Humorous content


Five things you can do regularly to ensure you are tracking brand mentions, no-follow links and shares:

  1. Google your brand regularly
  2. Set up Google-Alerts 
  3. Consider the paid brand reputation management software Trackur 
  4. Search related hashtags on all social media
  5. A free solution to monitor your brand on social media is Social Mention