Us Canadians, well, we sure wanted to know a lot about Trump. And Pokemon Go. Prince. Zika Virus. The Olympics. We wanted to know who Harambe was and what the electoral college is.

Canada’s Top Searches – Google – 2016

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Pokémon Go
  3. Toronto Raptors
  4. Fort McMurray Fire
  5. Prince
  6. Olympics
  7. David Bowie
  8. World Cup of Hockey
  9. Brexit
  10. Canada Post Strike

Canada’s Top Searches for News Stories – Google – 2016

  1. Donald Trump
  2. US Election
  3. Zika Virus
  4. Olympics
  5. Fort McMurray Fire
  6. Brexit
  7. Orlando Shooting
  8. Panama Papers
  9. Black Lives Matter
  10. Nice Attack

Canada’s Top Searches for Consumer Technology – Google – 2016

  1. iPhone 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  4. Google Pixel
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. Samsung J7
  7. Oculus Rift
  8. Google Daydream
  9. Freedom 251
  10. Bose Headphones

Canada’s Top Searches for What Is – Google – 2016

  1. What is Brexit?
  2. What is Zika Virus?
  3. What is Microblading?
  4. What is Harambe?
  5. What is the Electoral College?
  6. What is Shadow Flipping?
  7. What is a Burkini?
  8. What is the Running Man Challenge?
  9. What is happening to the bees?
  10. What is Wheat Kings about?

Canada’s Top Searches for Who Is – Google – 2016

  1. Who is Harambe?
  2. Who is Ken Bone?
  3. Who is Ann Coulter?
  4. Who is the father of Bridget Jones’ baby?
  5. Who is George Soros?
  6. Who is Gord Downie married to?
  7. Who is Becky with the good hair?
  8. Who is Damn Daniel?
  9. Who is moving to Canada?
  10. Who is Melania Trump?
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Why Is Knowing the Top Searches Important to You?

  1. Aren’t you curious? The top searches provide a great inside look into the collective psyche of Canadians. Maybe it’s because I specialize in search, content and social marketing; but, I find it rather interesting to see what people are searching. In fact, I like to see how my own searches measure up. Do you fit the Canadian psyche? Or are were your searches for 2016 more unique?
  2. Take Advantage of Top Trends – If your business can relate to what’s trending online, you can utilize your blog, website content and social media posts to take advantage. What’s your business’ unique take on a trend? For instance, if you are a Kelowna Realtor who often works with out-of-country people considering a move to Canada, you might wish to focus on the keyword “Who is moving to Canada?”. Perhaps utilize your customer base, Google analytics and social stats to make a list of top countries interested in moving to Canada, according to you. Find Current Search Trends for Canada
  3. Discover New Content Ideas – You can dig deep into Google Trends to discover new content ideas. You can search by Search Term and find out what’s currently trending, or what’s been popular over a longer time period. If your business is in the travel industry you may wish to create some content related to Top Suitcases or Travel Insurance.
  4. Move into New Geo-Target Markets – Google Trends will show you where the top searches are coming from. Is it a surprise that those in the Yukon are doing more travel related searches than other places in Canada?