Updated – February 2014

This is one of our most popular blog posts so we wanted to be sure to update it with additional tasks an Internet Marketing Professional is likely to do, every single day.

Social Media – By following industry-related professionals and businesses, I use social media to stay up-to-date with industry trends. In addition, I follow our clients and provide feedback on what they are doing well and offer tips on ways they might improve their social media conversions.

For those clients who want a helping hand, I provide social media training. Some clients find social media overhwhelming and choose to have us post for them. This is a great way to really marry SEO and Social Media for a well-rounded Internet Marketing program.

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As you will see, one of best traits of an Internet Marketing Professional is the ability to multi-task!

When I mention that I do Internet Marketing for a Kelowna web design company I know what the next questions will usually be. They either ask what Internet Marketing is or if they are slightly familiar with that term then they will ask what it is that I do, exactly.

Depending on your level of knowledge of the web design and Internet marketing industry, it may be hard to believe that a person could spend an entire work day marketing online. Well, let me tell you, I could spend all 24 hours of my day doing it. With the way the Internet grows and changes on a regular basis, alongside the tremendous volume of businesses competing for a top spot online, the role of a person specialized in Internet Marketing and strategy is important. And that’s only one part of the web design and Internet marketing process!

 So What Does a Day in the Life of an Internet Marketing Specialist Entail?

Email / Newsletters

I start every day by checking my email. I receive a lot of ‘junk mail’ which I immediately delete. I also receive a lot of industry newsletters. While I could spend all day reading up on Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google changes etc., instead I scan the articles, move them to a folder within my email if worthy of a longer read, and choose a few important topics to highlight for a future blog post.

I also receive email from clients and co-workers and will respond as needed.

Because I receive so much email on a daily basis, I often go through the process of checking my email a few more times each day.

Checking Stats and Positioning

For every Internet Marketing client, we have a set of goals. I set aside time each day to check keyword positioning in Google, including Google Places and Google AdWords where applicable. I also spend some time perusing Google Analytics and checking to see if there is increased/decreased activity and determining the cause and future goals for clients. While we may not check every client’s stats and positioning on a daily basis, we do check both regularly and this forms a large portion of every day.

Content Creation

Creating content, including static website content, blog posts, social media posts and newsletters, is one of the most satisfying parts of my job. I love researching and writing so content creation is an ideal job for me. Plus, creating great content is one of the biggest keys to succeeding online. Having fresh, exciting, informative content on a website not only helps with search engine positioning, but it keeps clients coming back to your website and also gives clients something to share with others.

Relationship Building

Although I spend a large portion of my day behind a computer screen, a big job of an Internet Marketing specialist is to create and build relationships. Whether this is communicating with clients or networking with Industry professionals, relationship building is a big part of the job. Relationship building also includes reviewing comments on blog posts and posting and responding on social media.


The actual implementing of marketing campaigns, whether it is a content plan, an organic search engine optimization plan, a pay-per-click campaign or other forms of Internet advertising comprises a large part of my work day. Getting the word out there about our clients by following through with their Internet Marketing campaign, including writing ad copy, implementing online ads etc. really is the nuts and bolts of an Internet Marketing career.

Sound exciting? Internet Marketing is fun. Every day is different and brings different challenges and varied excitement. I’ve been known to cheer when one of our clients has made a big leap in Google positioning or a blog post has become popular. Throughout my entire day I’m multi-tasking. I may be researching, writing, on the phone and inside Google Analtyics at any given moment, at the same time. There’s a lot to do and the playing field is always changing which always makes for a busy day.

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By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Specialist

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