What Is a Hashtag Anyway?

It’s a buzzword that basically helps you identify or create trends in social marketing. A hashtag is a # followed by a word. As an example #blogging .

Hashtags became a popular way of tagging a topic of conversation on Twitter. Instagram followed suit and as of a few weeks ago, Facebook got in on the hashtagging, too.

Putting the # symbol in front of a word makes the word click able and you will be brought to a page with all the recent posts and updates with this phrase in it.

How to Use Hashtags?

Keep it Simple – try and use only one or two words

Don’t Over Use Them – try and keep your posts to 3 or less hashtags

Do Some Research To Find What’s Relevant – While you can always create whatever hashtags come to mind, use search.Twitter.com (for instance) to find topical words that may interest you

Use hashtags to find online chats and conversations related to your industry

Create a hashtag for your business, product, program, event etc.


Are Hashtags Useful For Your Business?

Facebook Graph Search is useful for finding results among people and businesses you are already connected with. Hashtags will open an entirely new opportunity for your page to be exposed to the full community of Facebook users.

Tag your page or post with a relevant hashtag for your industry and people who have never “liked” your page or even knew your business existed could find you the next time they do a search.

Hashtags are especially good for campaigns and promotions. You can use a hashtag to find a clever way to draw attention to your product or campaign.

Now is a great time to create a hashtag strategy for your business. Just remember, use them wisely and sparingly!