Just because you may not want a website, does not mean you can Ignore the Marketing Power of The Internet! In fact, You Can STILL BENEFIT From an Internet Marketing Plan

I know that sounds crazy – after all, how can you have an Internet Marketing plan without a website? Don’t the two go hand in hand?

Consider the way people find their information. Consider the way people learn about new businesses and services.

Television, Print, Radio, Billboards, Direct Mail, Online Media, Search Engines, Word of Mouth

And, the majority of buyers head to the Internet at some point during the buying phase – if not to make an online purchase, than to find a phone number, an address, information or price shop.

Even without a website,  your local business can take advantage of the Internet to direct local buyers and clients to your business.

Whether it is implementing a local Google Paid Search Campaign, creating a highly optimized Google Places listing, or being included in a variety of local directories (kind of like a telephone book) your business can directly benefit from the Internet, even without a website!

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