What Are Facebook Promoted Posts?

When you post to Facebook from your Facebook Business Page, they offer you the ability to boost the reach of your post for a fee. Essentially, your Facebook post can be seen by a lot more people when you take advantage of this service.

Did you know that Facebook estimates that a Business Page’s content is only seen by 16% of the Page’s fans?

Promoted posts launched so businesses could pay to reach more people. Facebook promoted posts allows you to pay to reach more of your fan base, pay to reach the Friends of your Fans, or pay to reach a targeted audience.

Facebook Promoted Post

Is Boosting a Post Worth It?

If you are choosey about which posts you pay to have promoted on Facebook, promoted posts can be worth it. They can help boost your fan numbers, help with your business branding, and may get you more customers or clients.

The bottom line is that if the post you are paying to promote is one that compels customers to complete the action, then it should be worth promoting.

When you promote a post decide what you want the action to be:

  • ‘Like’ on Facebook
  • Comment on the post
  • Link back to website
  • Buy something
  • Sign up for something
  • Impressions / branding

What Posts are Best to Promote?

  • New product launches
  • Client Services
    Business-authored content
  • Contests
  • Infographics
  • Your best blog posts that link back to your website

To learn more about Facebook or to consult on a Facebook strategy for your business contact the Internet Marketing team at GetOn Marketing.