Half the fun of Facebook is finding lost connections. In fact, when I first started using Facebook many years ago, this was all the fun of Facebook. Discovering friends I once went to school with (University, high school and elementary school), camp with, worked with etc. was my sole reason for joining Facebook.

Now I spend most of my Facebook time reading timeline posts, looking at pictures and connecting with my solid Facebook friend base. In fact, I have not looked up long-lost friends, co-workers, classmates or family in ages. After all, it can be pretty hard to sift through the results to find the right Mary Smith.

Facebook’s new graph search should make it a lot easier to up your number of Friends and make new connections.

The way it works is pretty simple.

We provide Facebook with a lot of personal information. Facebook knows my name, where I went to school, where I live, where I work and what I like. Facebook Graph Search can help you uncover new connections, and can also show you things you have in common with your friend base.

Let’s say you are heading on a trip to New York City. Searching Restaurants in New York City liked by my friends could help you narrow down your eating choices. It’s a fantastic way to filter your search results and cross-reference information. Plus, you can discover new connections that may not have been obvious.

For instance, did you know your elementary school best friend’s sister also likes shopping at that little boutique store on Main Street?

Over the next few weeks, Facebook is rolling out Graph Search to everyone whose language is set to US English.

It should help you learn more about your Friends!