Today, Google announced the following new updates to Adwords that are designed to provide benefits to the advertiser.


1) Bulk Actions – The new feature will allow users to make edits to ads in bulk for items such as location targeting, ad rotation, etc.

2) Automated Bidding – The new feature will allow users the ability to set up automated bidding to either maximize conversions or maximize revenues

3) More Insightful Reporting – Google is developing a solution to measure in-store transactions that track offline conversions. Google is also introducing advanced reporting features including visualization tools, drag and drop pivot tables, and live data reporting.

4) New Mobile App Ads – This new feature will allow advertisers to reach prospective customers based on the types of apps they frequently use on their mobile devices

5) Lab – The new drafts and experiments feature in AdWords will allow advertisers to work in draft mode to deduce, based on real data, what effect changes could have on a campaign.

 Google has announced these enhancements will roll-out over the course of the next few months.

 Google AdWords is an important part of a comprehensive Internet Marketing campaign. For campaigns that are set up and managed properly, Google AdWords can provide excellent return-on-investment and brand awareness.

 These new AdWord tools should provide additional resources to successfully manage local, national and international AdWords campaigns.