We’re always talking about data-driven marketing campaigns here at GetOn.com…We’ll tell you how we research, analyze your website statistics, and then plan a marketing strategy we can measure, re-evaluate, analyze and adjust. It works.

Know Your Target Market

Here’s where we:
  • listen to your brand story 
  • listen to who your target is
  • analyze your web statistics to uncover any additional markets
  • research the most popular keyword phrases people are searching to find a business such as yours
The importance of this data when planning a marketing campaign cannot be overlooked. After all, you want to be sure you are reaching the right potential audience with the right messaging. Understanding who your potential guests may be, is key to ensuring you have the right message to appeal to them in the marketplace. Different personalities will respond differently to various messaging, offers and calls to action.
Once you understand who your guest is, how they travel and what they want from their trip, you can plan and execute a campaign to ensure the highest possible conversion rate.
Regardless of Industry (travel/tourism, real estate, e-commerce, small business, enterprises, etc.) we follow that same principal and dig into the data and business culture to better plan a strategy designed for targeted lead generation. Travel/Tourism businesses have an even bigger advantage when trying to discover their target market. Destination Canada breaks travellers into specific segments (EQ Travel Types), with different traits and behaviours.
In addition to simply understanding the traveller traits, Environics uses Prizm5  to analyze the data of your past guests to really narrow down your guest. This information allows us to analyze your data through an EQ lense to even further target your campaigns. It’s powerful information that, when combined with all your website data, really puts you in charge of every marketing dollar.
Would you like to better target your marketing and better track your spend? Ask us how today.