If Running Your Website Was Like Training for the Olympics, Would You Do It Differently?

When it comes to your website’s Internet Marketing campaign your goal should be gold.
Just like athletes preparing for the Olympics, your website’s marketing is based on a combination of hard work, regular exercise and training, talent, strategy, a good coach and sometimes a little luck.

Is your website among the best of the best in your industry?

If Internet Marketing Were the Winter Olympics… These Would Be The Sports:

1) Hockey = Organic Positioning
Like hockey, Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what so many people believe to be the most important element of a proper strategy. Is your website within the top spots for your most queried key phrases? If so, consider yourself a gold medallist in one of the games’ top sports. You know what they say – you win hockey you win the Olympics. The same can be said for Organic Positioning.

2) Curling = Pay-Per Click Placement
Here’s a game where a lot of strategy comes into play. The goal of a well-run Pay-Per-Click campaign is to have top placement for keywords, maximize click thru’s (and impressions for branding), for the lowest possible cost-per-click. But, it’s just a game if visitors from a pay-per-click ad don’t convert. Ads need to attract the right visitors who will spend time on the website, buy something, or contact you. Just like curling, without a well-planned strategy, gold will not be within your reach.

3) Figure Skating = Content
Winning at your content strategy is much like winning in Figure Skating. All eyes are on your content. You need to combine technical elements with beauty and artistry and capture the audience and judges from the start of your program. Plus, much like skating costumes, to really make your content shine, you need dress it up with pretty graphics in order to stand out.

4) Snowboarding = Social Media
Social media is the cool, trendy, new kid on the block. Everyone’s trying it, but it’s a little tricky until you get the hang of it. With social media, the important thing is to get good at one before starting the next. Facebook is the equivalent of half pipe. It’s popular and fun.  Google+ is like slopestyle; it’s new but is quickly catching on. In fact, many predict it could be the next big thing.

If you want to make it down the social media mountain in top spot, you need a well-defined plan and a lot of posting practice. A lot of friends, will help, too.

5) The Closing Ceremonies = Measuring Your Success
At regular intervals, you should be digging through your website statistics to see how your website measures up alongside the competition.

The medals come in the way of your analytics and conversions. How well has your site performed this time around?

  • Does your website get good traffic?
  • Is the traffic coming in from search queries related to your business?
  • Are visitors spending a decent amount of time on your website?
  • Are they looking at your products and/or services?
  • Are they contacting you for more information?
  • Are they purchasing a product?

When looking at all elements of your Internet Marketing strategy collectively, you should have a nice, well-rounded picture to help you start the planning, research, implentation, and reporting circle all over again.

When it comes to your Internet marketing strategy, think like the Olympics. Set goals, work hard, and don’t be afraid to take a few chances.  What sets top athletes apart from their competitors is their willingness to go above and beyond in their daily training and come game day, to take a risk when it could reward them the most.
Think like an athlete and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a ‘coach’ to guide you along on your quest for gold.

The Kelowna Web Design & Internet Marketing Team at GetOn.com coach our many clients through their Internet Marketing strategies, with well defined goals on their quests for success. What’s the job of the coach? Read more about the work an Internet Marketing Specialist does each and every day.

By Michelle Collie
Kelowna Internet Marketing Consulting