The other day my family and I were eating dinner in a restaurant. I looked around and saw multiple families on their mobile devices while mindlessly forking food into their mouths. Oh my, how the world has changed! Here’s what took place online in 2012 …


1. Google Continues to Dominate Search
With a coined phrase, “Google It’, Google continues to be the most popular search engine. Google has an estimated 900,000,000 Estimated unique monthly visitors compared to 165,000,000 using bing and 160,000,000 using Yahoo!

2. We went gaga for Gangnam  PSY’s Gangnam Style video approached 1 billion views and became YouTube’s most watch video of all time in just six months.

3. The Joke Was On Us – 2012 was the year of the Internet Hoax.

Nolan Daniels doctored a picture to claim he won $588 million Powerball jackpot and would give a lucky person $1 million of his winnings. 

June 27 was not really the Back to the Future date of the future 

Hurricane Sandy left behind a trail of wreckage that included doctored images 

Then there was the video showing an eagle snatching a toddler that managed to fool many, too.

4. How were we spending our time online? Here’s what we were searching for:
Top Google Searches – Canadian Visitors
Hurricane Sandy
Diablo 3
Gangam Style

Top Google Searches – World:
Whitney Houston
Gangnam Style
Hurricane Sandy
IPad 3
Diablo 3

5. We Took to Twitter – The top tweet of the year took place Nov. 6, 2012 when @BarackObama tweeted ‘Four More Years’ . His popular tweet received over 819,000 + retweets

We tweeted about events with the top being:
Summer Olympics, US Election, MTV Music Awards, Super Bowl, Euro 2012 and Superstorm Sandy

The top conversation starter hash tags were:

6. California Dreamin‘… Whether we are reliving trips, planning future ones or just compiling a bucket list, Internet users love to search vacation hot spots. Here are the top  US vacation destinations of 2012 according to Yahoo!

Knott’s Berry Farm
Silver Dollar City
Golden Nugget Casino
Gulf Shores, Alabama
Universal Studios Hollywood
Catalina Island

7. We Need a Pintervention – Weekly visits to soared to nearly 29 million in 2012, up from 1.27 million the year before. It’s the fastest growing social media website and is especially popular with women.

8. We Became Amateur Photographers – Instagram took over and helped us take better photos with our mobile devices. With over 12 million weekly visits, it looks like Instagram may be here to stay.


By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Specialist
Kelowna Web Design & Internet Marketing – GetOn Marketing, Inc.