It’s always good to target the big keywords. The most popular keyword can bring big rewards when you start ranking well. You may see your traffic go up but your name or brand recognition will go up too, and that is something you cannot always measure with tangible results.

 However, sometimes getting a really good ranking for that keyword can take a lot of work, time and patience. While continuing to work hard to get that prized ranking, it is important to not forget about all the other keywords that can bring you highly targeted traffic, too.

 In fact, each day 20% of Google searches consist of search terms that have never been searched before. This offers major opportunity to generate more traffic and leads for your business. Perhaps you have noticed a lot of one-off keywords within your analytics. Have you ever added them up? Looked at the time spent on the website or pages visited that can come from these small and often highly-targeted search phrases?

 When you begin to study your website analytics you may find that the combined traffic, and even the quality, of all the keywords you received a small number of visits from can sometimes have a greater impact than the big keywords.

 One of the most important factors in a search engine optimization campaign is keyword selection. Throughout your campaign you want to ensure that you are targeting traffic that is related to the goods or services that your website offers.

 While it is very important to continue a focus and strategy to achieve ranking on your most popular keywords, it is also important to not lose sight of the gems along the way.

 Your top keyword list is likely a mix of popular and highly specific and targeted keywords. With a proper SEO strategy, your keywords have been selected to bring the largest amount of most-qualified traffic to your website.

 From time to time, your SEO professional will scour your analytics looking for other hidden gems. Those keywords that were searched for the first time – they can yield future opportunities for your website traffic. By routinely going through analytics and doing new keyword research your SEO strategy will continue to grow and evolve.