For all small to medium business owners, ranking in the top 3-pack for local search is hugely valuable and results in more visits and higher conversions. But how do you get your business in the top three organic search results? The good news is that there are certain concrete steps you can take to increase your page rank. These steps include:
  1. Local listings
  2. Reviews
  3. Name, address, phone number (NAP)
  4. Keywords for local SEO
So let’s take a look at these steps in more detail.

1: How to Use Local Listings to Improve Your Page Rank

Google loves local. Google constantly updates the search algorithms to provide users with relevant search results, and most search queries for products and services are best served by local businesses. Make sure your business is listed with as many local and national business directories as possible. This will help Google verify that your business is real. Embedding a Google map on your site will also help verify and place your business in local search.  

2: Why NAP Improves Search Results

Listing your business with directories is a first step, but you must also make sure your name, address and phone number is accurate and consistent across all listings and your website. Place your NAP in the footer or header on every page of your website in addition to the contact page, and if possible use the schema markup to do so. Enter your business address with Google My Business. Keep in mind that if you are promoting your business with a PPC campaign, AdWords will take your contact information from your Google My Business settings.  

3: Why Reviews are Good for Local Search

Google loves quality, and has a list of many factors that determine the quality of a site. One of the ways they try to ensure quality is through social proof. Engagement through social can be a good indication of the quality, and reviews are an easy way for the algorithms to determine the quality and value a business is offering its customers. It is well worth the time invested to follow up with customers and ask for reviews. Make it easy for them by sending them the link to make the review. And don’t forget to say thank you. A little love goes a long way.  

4: Keywords for Local SEO

When incorporating keywords into the copy of your website, incorporate a little user psychology. Take some time to think how people search, and most importantly, think about how people search with voice commands. Not only do you need the products and services, but also the locations. A popular voice search term for local is “near me”. These are just a few tips in digital marketing that can help improve your search results. If you would like advice on a digital marketing strategy tailored specifically for your business, call us, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.