With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, online retailer Amazon.ca has found an innovative way to get press from its website measurements.

Each February for the past few years, they have released data naming Canada’s Top 20 Romantic Cities. By combing their website statistics and combining sales of romantic cds from artists such as Michael Buble, romance novels, relationship books and romantic comedy DVDs they have uncovered data to reveal which cities in Canada place an emphasis on love.

The Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in Canada in 2013, according to Amazon.ca:

  1. Victoria, BC
  2. North Vancouver, BC
  3. Waterloo, ON
  4. Kingston, ON
  5. Guelph, ON
  6. Saskatoon, SK
  7. Vancouver, BC
  8. Calgary, BC
  9. Nanaimo, BC
  10. Lethbridge, AB
  11. Oakville, ON
  12. Kelowna, BC
  13. Edmonton, AB
  14. Regina, SK
  15. London, ON
  16. Red Deer, AB
  17. Kamloops, BC
  18. Thunder Bay, ON
  19. Winnipeg, MB
  20. Burlington, AB

While congratulations are in order for those of us featured as one of the cities of love, we shouldn’t be vying for “Paris status” just yet. This was just a creative way for Amazon to get some valuable press before Valentine’s Day, a statistically-proven busy shopping season.

Are these cities ‘really’ the most romantic places to live? Maybe not. After all, these statistics are simply showing hotbeds for online shopping activity when it comes to romantic books, cds and DVDs.

Take Kelowna for instance. In 2012 Kelowna ranked #3 and in 2011 was ranked #8. What��s changed?

Sure, the residents of Kelowna could have suddenly become far more unromantic than the other cities on the list. Or, they could be taking extended walks hand-in-hand along the beautiful Okanagan Lake. They could be dining at one of Kelowna’s many romantic restaurants while gazing into their partner’s eyes. They could be doing a lot of things that don’t involve shopping online, for romantic items, at Amazon.ca. Maybe they’ve switched over to Chapters/Indigo to download eBooks for their Kobo.

Here’s the thing. Amazon.ca found a very smart way to use their website statistics to generate a lot of buzz. Can you? That’s the real lesson here. The next time you are looking to generate website traffic or sales, scour your own website analytics and see if you can find a hidden gem to help. Or, call in a professional to help!

By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Specialist
GetOn Marketing, Kelowna BC