Online Reviews – The New Word of Mouth Advertising Online reviews are popular among Internet users. The various review platforms allow visitors to share their experience with a business with the general public. It’s the new form of word of mouth advertising. Seeking, monitoring and responding to reviews should be an essential part of your marketing and reputation management strategy.  

Listen to and Engage in Online Conversation Relating to Your Business

We are encouraging our clients to focus on one or two review platforms and set a goal to encourage and engage in reviews for 2017. Google+, TripAdvisor and Facebook are popular; however there are many others including Yelp, FourSquare, YellowPages, OpenTable, and more.

How to Manage Your Online Reviews

  1. Monitor any review websites relating to your business.
  2. Engage with those who review your site and respond to any reviews that warrant conversation (a question, a negative review, misinformation etc.)
  3. Encourage your customers to leave you reviews on your preferred review platform (ask us how!)
  4. Leave reviews for your favourite businesses and organizations
  5. Learn from what is shared about your business. Celebrate what you are doing right and learn from all feedback provided
  6. Understand consumers love word of mouth advertising and often seek reviews during their path to purchase
  7. Also understand 1 bad review does not ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for. Consumers can also see through some negative feedback
  8. Learn the right way to respond to a bad review
  Learn More About How Consumers Can Utilize Online Reviews.