Here at Kelowna Web Design Firm, GetOn Marketing, we always start with a plan and a strategy when designing a website and/or Internet Marketing plan. There are so many factors that could potentially mess up a website or its ability to perform well and generate visitors and leads that we need to ensure that every site we work on has the most potential to shine.

Over the years we have learned a lot, and continue to delve deep into web design and Internet Marketing.

 Here’s Our List of Nine Easy Ways to Mess up Your Website

1. Poor Design and Navigation or Over-Design

A poorly designed site or an over-designed site is an easy way to deter visitors. Whether the site is ‘too funky’ or ‘not funky enough’ or simply poorly designed really does help determine who stays on the site to learn more. Your website needs to be a happy marriage between a great design and a fantastic design. This includes the navigation!

2. No Plan

Have you ever visited a website where there was a lack of flow or it seemed as though things were just plopped, willy-nilly, anywhere on the page? A website’s navigation and calls to action should make it really easy to find exactly what you are looking for. This often requires a lot of planning and strategizing but it is worth it when your statistics show visitors are staying on your website longer and getting to the information they are searching for.

3. Leaving it Static

You know those websites that have content dating back to the early 2000’s? Don’t let that website be yours. Visitors are looking for up-to-date information and the search engines like it too. Update your blog or your news section and make a plan to regularly update static-page content and/or build out your content, too.

4. No Calls to Action

Ok, so maybe your website is purely to provide visitors with information and you expect nothing from them in return. But, if you are like most businesses, you are trying to entice new, current and past clients to do business with you. Are you wanting them to ‘buy now’? ‘Call for more info’? ‘Schedule an Appointment’? ‘Email’? Your calls to action need to stand out!

5. Targeting the Masses

Yes, I would love your website to be as popular to the general masses as Facebook, but even they have a ‘target market’. Define your target market and you will be better able to reach them. Make a customer profile and ensure your website is speaking directly to that market.

6. Confusing Your Visitors

 The easiest way to lose a website visitor (okay, one of the easiest ways) is to make your website so confusing they have no idea what they are doing, have no idea what you offer and have no idea what they will get. Define your market and your message.

7. Making Content Hard to Read

A lot of text, small text, weird fonts, hard-to-see colours … all of this is an easy way to have a visitor reaching for the back button. Test your website for readability. Properly format your content, use bold and italicize where needed and use bullets and lists. An easy to read website makes it easier for the visitor to find what they are looking for.

8. Copied Content

Do not plagiarize! Do not copy and paste from other sources! Do not mask someone’s words for your own!

9. Unprofessional ‘SEO’

 Poorly planned link exchanges, redundant anchor texts, content cloaking, copied content, invisible content, too many paid links are all easy ways to get your website blacklisted from Google and other search engines.