The Internet is the new way to mix, mingle, and gain valuable business contacts …

For many businesses, networking is vital. With the popularity of online social networking on the rise, more and more business people are taking to the Internet to find leads, clients, services, and employees.

Online Business Networking is on the rise. From popular social networking sites such as, and to sites specifically for business networking such as, those who rely on making contacts to succeed in business are finding that the Internet is another facet that helps them reach their goals.

Why Should Your Business Network Online or Use Social Networking Websites?

Making Contacts

Social networking websites are great for finding contacts you might not have had access to. Or, finding past colleagues and clients you may have lost touch with. In addition to the people you make contact with, you have their contacts within one degree which can quickly boost your own network.

Background Checks

Very useful for human resource executives, viewing someone’s profile allows you access to what they choose to show online. While some choose to keep their profiles strictly professional (and perhaps have a different account for their private life) others might have things on their profile that could help or hinder their application.

Find Employees

Many major corporations surf business networking sites such as for potential employees. Or, they might have a ‘group’ on a social networking site that keeps them in contact with potential future employees.

Advertising and Branding

Having a profile for your business or employees on some of the popular networking sites can be good for business. Always ensure that if you allow your employees to be associated with your company on their profile that they are keeping your messages, branding, and target audiences in mind.

Trust-Building and Loyalty

Join a social networking site and by having either a profile or group for your business your clients, friends, and potential employees will want to link to you. Whether you offer incentives to join your group, or to have their friends add you to their profiles, or whether they are simply loyal to your brand, having your name connected online to your clients not only builds trust and loyalty among current customers, but helps reach new ones as well.

Regardless of how you choose to use a social networking site for your business, one thing is for certain – the popularity of these sites is on the rise. Take a look at, or and challenge yourself to find ways to utilize their popularity for the gain of your business.