I love Google Analytics! I’m passionate about utilizing a website’s analytics to uncover the who, what, where, when, how and why as it relates to a company’s target market and web traffic. 

What I really get excited about is when we can help our clients find innovative ways to utilize their web stats in order to succeed in their marketplace. 

Amazon’s Most Romantic Cities in Canada exerice (Canada’s Most Romantic Cities 2013, Canada’s Most Romantic Cities 2014) is one of my most cited examples. 

Every year Amazon combs through their own website statistics to put together a list of Canada’s Most Romantic Cities. They use data from purchases of romantic books, movies, music etc. to rank our cities. Media gets a kick out of it and it keeps Amazon relevant heading into a busy shopping season. It’s innovative, it’s fun and it showcases how website statistics can help businesses succeed in a competitive marketplace. 

So, where does Kelowna sit on the list this year? In 2012 we were 3rd, 2013 we were 12 and in 2014 we didn’t even make the list. But, for 2015 we’re back on the list sitting in at number 15. 

What have we done to get back on the list? I’d love to think we’re dating, holding hands and generally being more romantic but really, we’re just spending more money on romantic items with Amazon.ca . 

Canada’s Most Romantic Cities: 2015

1. Victoria

2. North Vancouver

3. Waterloo

4. Saskatoon

5. Calgary

6. Red Deer

7. Kingston

8. Guelph

9. Vancouver

10. Edmonton

11. Regina

12. Winnipeg

13. Lethbridge

14. Oakville

15. Kelowna

16. Nanaimo

17. London

18. Kamloops

19. Kitchener

20. Burlington

By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Consultant