For many, Internet-speak is an entirely new language. The following is a primer to get you started in your efforts to understand SEO-speak. 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – Pay-Per-Click is a program offered by Search Engines whereby you can pay to be included in the pay-per-click section of a Search Engine’s Result’s area. You pay each time someone clicks on your link. Google Adwords is a popular and very beneficial PPC program. 

Crawler/Spider/Robot – A program that follows links between pages. It is the usual form used by the major search engines to find pages to add to their databases

Algorithm – The formula used by major search engines to come up with their results.

Click Through Rate – The number of times a link is clicked divided by the number of times a link is shown.

Content – The information that is presented on a website page, including images, text etc. 

Referring Links – Other websites that link to your website or a page within your website are classified as referring links 

Direct Traffic – Traffic that comes to your website directly by typing/inserting your URL into their browser’s address bar

Link Popularity – It measures the importance of an Internet website based on the number of outside links to that website. 

Site Map – A site map is a list of all the pages of your website

Pay for Inclusion / Paid Directories – Some search engines/directories charge a fixed amount to consider, review and include your website in their database.