Social Media Marketing – It’s Not All About SEO

It’s easy to get carried away in the battle for that #1 spot in the Organic search engine rankings. And while search engine ranking and organic search engine results is still a top facet of your Internet marketing plan, when it comes to social marketing and content, it cannot be all about SEO all of the time.

Write Content For Your Visitor

When it comes to your web content, blog posts, news articles etc. it is very important to write compelling content that will entice your visitor to action. All too often, we come across websites where it is obvious the page was written specifically for Google. Keywords are inserted everywhere and the text becomes hard to read and does not flow. Headlines and titles don’t make sense and instead of drawing the visitor in, they end up screaming “Google, look at me”. With the write writing, SEO and Internet marketing skills it is possible to have well-written content that appeals to both the visitor and the search engines.

Be Social For Social

There is a lot of buzz in the Internet marketing industry about social media and its impact on SEO. Whether social media directly impacts your SEO is a highly debated topic. Social media should be an important part of your Internet marketing strategy, but for its own value, not with the sole intention of increasing your search engine positioning. Social media holds value on its own and that value is lost when your main focus within your social media plan is on keyword density.

Of course, there is a crossover point between SEO and Social media and when done well, it can be highly effective but your primary goal when engaging on your social media platforms is to be social, generate buzz and start a good conversation. While you might earn click throughs and traffic to your website from your social marketing channels, you cannot forget that these are social media websites have a built in audience and it is important to capture that audience right there within your social media account.

On social media websites you have an audience right in front of you. Forget about bumping up your search engine positioning for a moment and speak directly to them. Engage that audience and grab their attention. At the end of the day, if they are interested in what you have to say, they will click through the link you post, they will contact you and they may convert.

Of course, keep your top keyword list handy and utilize those when appropriate in your titles, headlines and content but don’t get so caught up in your keyword density that you lose site that by and large, it is a real person reading your social media posts and content and not a search engine.

By Michelle Collie
GetOn Marketing Internet Marketing Specialist
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