We all have the best intentions.

We sign up for Facebook or Twitter, or sign-on to write a blog and then we’re bombarded by that pesky little thing known as “Writer’s Block”, sometimes coming in the form of procrastination. We don’t know what to write about, what to tweet about, and what to share with our Facebook friends. Or, we’re simply just too busy. Sometimes, all we need is a plan to get us started. A simple daily task list that will encourage us to use the Social Networks in the beginning phases, until they become a habit.

The following is a day-to-day guide and examples of ideas to help get you started on your Social Networking Journey.

Marketing Monday

Pick Monday as your day to spread your marketing message. Maybe you have an event or sale, want more visitors to visit your website, or are trying to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter. You do not want to market to your visitors every day, so make Monday your day to market.

Other ideas for Monday include:

  • Mentor Monday – write or share an article that acts as a mentor to your visitors
  • Media Monday – share a general news story
  • Market Monday for Real Estate Agents – give an update on the real estate market
  • Mortgage Monday for Real Estate Agents – update local mortgage rates

Teamwork Tuesday

Tuesday is a great day to showcase your team’s work. Share from your portfolio, announce a product/house/service sold, or congratulate an employee for a job well done.

Other ideas for Tuesday include:

  • Tutorial Tuesday – share or write an industry specific tutorial
  • Time Zone Tuesday – Write or share about something local or at least within your time zone. Maybe you visited a fabulous restaurant, attraction, or place of business. Give kudos.

Wacky Wednesday

Has something silly or out of the ordinary occurred? Do you have a good, clean, tasteful joke that begs to be shared.

Other ideas for Wednesday include:

  • Webnesday or Website Wednesday – share some of your favorite links (also known as word-of-month Wednesday)
  • Worldly Wednesday – what’s happening around the world? Any good news stories you would like to comment on?

Tell-all Thursday

Thursday is your opportunity to tell a little secret, or share a good industry-specific tip. You will want to tell it all, like it is. Whether it’s a guide to getting your house ready to sell, a tell-all on a new way to market your business, or a list of healthy recipes – today is your day to give away some of your secrets and share them with your visitors.

Other ideas for Thursdays include:

  •  Top-ten Thursdays – everyone loves a good top-ten list.
  •  Talented Thursday – share the love and recognize other talented individuals/businesses
  •  Tradeshow Thursday – hold a virtual tradeshow on your social networks

Follow Friday

Friday is a great way to encourage your followers and friends to follow and friend your other followers and friends. Choose a couple people to highlight and showcase.

Other ideas for Fridays include:

  • Friendly Friday – use Friday as your casual day to be friendly, encourage friendship, and build your friend/follower list
  • Factual Fridays – spread some facts across your social networks

Whatever you choose to do on whatever day you choose to do it, the key is regularity, consistency, and engaging your readers with more than simply your marketing message.

Perhaps you are a realtor with a finesse for food. You may choose to focus your Twitter tweets with restaurant reviews. Maybe your business is very engaged in charity or social causes – you may wish to Facebook or Tweet about these accomplishments and causes. The real plan is to make a plan in the first place, at least until you get going.

And, if you have a sudden burst of inspiration? Write a week or month’s worth of blog posts at once and schedule them for publishing every Thursday (for tell-all Thursday). Or, use a program like hootsuite that allows you to program your Twitter updates and Facebook status updates. Then, you can do a week’s work of social networking work all in one sitting!