There are still many businesses who rely on the mail as their only means of communicating with their current clients and/or targeting new ones. While the postal system may be an effective tool for businesses, it is not the only effective one. Especially with the current Canada Post strike.

The following are some common misconceptions about the Internet that have kept some small businesses from building a web presence.

 I send my clients quarterly/yearly newsletters by mail… Sure, it is always nice to get ‘good mail’. And even with a website or email newsletter system, some clients may still appreciate a Christmas card or newsletter in the mail, but a website and/or email newsletter allows you to conveniently provide information as it happens. Many small businesses use their website to provide all the information their current and prospective clients need to know. They answer the frequently asked questions and give people a taste for what they offer.

With a blog, online newsletter, or email newsletter, businesses are able to inform their clients of sales, news, events and information instantaneously. You do not need to wait for your next quarterly mail-out or yearly Christmas card to introduce new staff, talk about new products, provide your opinion on new industry developments, or even just say hello.

A Website, Blog and/or Email Newsletter System just isn’t in the budget …There are Internet solutions for different budgets. When compared with the cost of printing/postage for mail-outs, and/or print advertising, many businesses realize the value of a website, blog or email newsletter. Some businesses end up forgoing their print advertising altogether, while others share their marketing budget between print and the Internet.

A Website Is Just Too Much Work…Yes, at one point you needed to know programming to manage your own website, but today, websites, blogs and email newsletters are built so that you can update and manage them quickly and easily. Many of these ‘CMS’ solutions (Content Management Solutions) are as easy as typing out a Word doc. With a click of a button your message is published, without having to seal envelopes and walk to the mail box.

Who Would Visit My Website Anyway … A website is a great tool to effectively communicate with your current clients. Let your clients know that you have developed an Internet Presence and many of them will visit your website regularly, especially if you have a blog/online newsletter where you continue to keep them updated with news, tidbits and information.

A website is also a great way to gain new business. If built correctly, and planned with a proper Search Engine and Internet Marketing strategy, your business will be found on major search engines and directories for commonly queried search phrases that are related to your business. You can target local business, national business and even an international audience.
For many businesses it is easy to remain with the status quo. It’s easy to continue to do what has always worked for your business. But, many businesses are discovering the unique benefits of an online presence. Add to that, the prevalence of Social Media websites such as Twitter and Facebook and there is a whole new world that awaits. People of all ages are using the Internet to find information about businesses such as yours. Many are turning to blogs and social media sites to learn more about businesses, build relationships and to network.

If your business does not have a website, or your website is not effectively communicating with your current clients and bringing in new prospects, the team at GetOn Marketing can help.