When it comes to website design and Internet marketing, there are many easy mistakes being made all the time. Fixing them will improve the experience for your website visitor and can increase your success online.


Seven Common Web Design and Internet Marketing Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix

  1. Leaving Out Contact Details on a Contact Us Page – When a visitor browses to your ‘Contact Us’ page, they are looking for your contact details. They want more than simply a contact form to fill out. Ensure that your Contact Us page has your business address (and mailing address if different), an email address and your phone and fax numbers. More and more websites are including a map with directions to their business too.
  2. Being Too Passive – You can sell without sounding like a salesperson. Let your web visitors know exactly what you want them to do by inserting marketing calls to action throughout your website. ‘Call Us’, ‘Schedule and Appointment’, ‘Book Today’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Contact Us’ are all common calls that can be successfully utilized for optimum results.
  3. Too Much Design – Yes, there once was a time when websites were judged solely on their aesthetic qualities but today, website owners require more than an eye-pleasing website … they want results! There needs to be cooperation between the graphics and design of the site and the website strategy and marketing.
  4. No Plan – It’s easy to tell a website that was not built with a strategy and site structure. It is hard to navigate and difficult to find what you are looking for. A well thought out website structure and plan that combines function with usability is key to website success.
  5. NO SEO – It is important to know what your potential web visitors are searching for to find your products and services. From there, you need to build your website and write your content with search engine optimization in mind. Your top keywords are important, and knowing where and when to use them will increase your online success.
  6. Too Much SEO – Inserting your top keywords too many times and within your web content when it does not make sense or is not called for can make for an uncomfortable visitor experience. It is important to know how much optimization to do and when and where to do it. With keeping SEO in mind, overall, your content needs to be written for your web visitor and not a search engine.
  7. No Content Upkeep – For many reasons, it is important to update and maintain your website. If you would like your website visitors to return, you need to update your pages, promotions and website blog to give them a reason to return. Additionally, search engines are placing value on websites that are updated on a regular basis. Periodically, have a read through your web site and see what may need changing or updating.

Take a look at your website? Are you making any of these top web design and Internet marketing mistakes? Re-evaluate the purpose of your website and make a plan for website success. 

By Michelle Collie
Geton.com Internet Marketing Specialist
Kelowna Web Design and Internet Marketing