If you use Google’s Gmail for your email, you may have noticed that your inbox interface has received a facelift. 

Google has implemented a tab system to their Gmail inbox which acts as a filing system for your email and automatically sorts your mail. 

While some are finding it a little difficult to get used to, many are finding their new email box very useful. 

It is very intuitive and very smart and rarely does Google get it wrong.

If you look at your tabs you will see your main email which should now house your normal email correspondence. 

 You will have a Social Tab which now houses emails and notifications from social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 

You will also have a Promotions tab which is home to emails from all those stores you have signed up for.  

For those who are trying to cut back on their time spent in their email box this new system works remarkably well. 

Google’s new Gmail Interface De-Clutters Your Email For You!

For me, every time I walk into a store or visit a website I’m being asked to sign up for an email newsletter. My inbox was getting 50 to 60 messages a day and I would end up missing an important email between all the promotions, offers and newsletters. 

Now, when I have a few free moments at the end of the day or first thing in the morning, I go through my promotions and social tabs and can quickly scan what I want to see without missing out on my important and ‘real’ email. 

The positive reviews Google is getting for their new Gmail inbox is that it has automatically de-cluttered our busy inboxes, it allows users to read their email with a purpose, and forces marketers to keep the marketing in their marketing messages

Once you get used to the tabs, you should find your new streamlined inbox saves you time. 

Email Marketers – How Can You Make the Inbox Work for You

If you rely on email as part of your marketing plan here are 2 tips to help you survive the new Gmail. 

1) Pack Punch in your subject line

2) Remember your above the fold calls to action


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