I will admit, if I am teased into content but then have to watch a video to get the answer I crave, I turn back without hitting play.This is because I learn by reading. I can speed read, spot read, and get to the gist of an article in a manner of moments.

One of my good friends, in the same industry, only likes to watch videos. If she opens up an article she feels overwhelmed if there are more than a couple hundred words and she would far prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy a video.

My way of gathering information is in the minority. According to a study from Forbes, 59% of executives would watch a video instead of reading a text summary of the same information.

In fact, 70% of social media users would rather watch a video than look at a picture or read a paragraph of writing.

Think back to when you were in high school. When presented with a novel to read, how many of your classmates turned to the video store to rent the movie? Sure, the book may always be better, but people generally love video more. Even I’m willing to admit this! 

Yet, many businesses are not using video in their marketing, and could be missing opportunities to accelerate the sales process.

Here are 5 some misconceptions about video marketing:

  1. People won’t be able to watch from work – Executives can easily watch from the comfort of their office. Even those in cubicles are likely to have headphones. Anyone given research and development time, will be able to watch a video just as they are able to read an article.
  2. It takes too long to watch a video – Most business videos are short enough to capture their audience without losing their attention. Think about how long it takes to read an article that provides the same amount of information.
  3. It’s too expensive to create a video – You do not need to hire a professional videographer to create your marketing videos. If you do, many offer monthly plans to produce regular marketing videos for you throughout the year. Video marketing can fit into your marketing budget.
  4. Creating video is time consuming and too difficult – It’s easy to create your own videos and upload them online. Whether you are simply rotating through informational slides, or composing a true video story, you do not have to have a degree in movie making to begin implementing video into your online marketing strategy.
  5. You need to hire a professional to be your narrator – Anybody can become a YouTube star! Photogenic or not, voice for radio or not, face for radio or not, if you have valuable information to share, your target market will watch your video.

2 Video making software solutions to try:

  1. Camtasia – with an array of options and the user-friendly interface, this is a great choice for creating small business videos. With Camtasia, you are able to capture software walkthroughs, slides, web pages, import photos and camera video, and pair with video editing tools and voice overs to create a final product.
  2. Use your iPhone to shoot and edit video using iMovie for iOS (paid app).

Quick Guide to Video Content:

  • Have a theme for the video in mind

  • Follow a sandwich format where you introduce your theme. Provide your relevant information. Make a conclusion.

  • Speak clearly

  • Make sure you provide information on how your viewers can contact you for more information. Include phone number, email address, website address, location address

  • Utilize the description field in YouTube to provide a synopsis and/or transcript so those who wish to read while watching the video can.

As with all your online content, you want the content of your video to be relevant to your business and provide your viewers with something valuable. When possible, create a slant to your topic that has not yet been covered.

By including video content in your marketing strategy, you are reaching visitors who learn best through viewing and your business will be reaching the majority of Internet users who love video.  

By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing and Social Media Specialist
GetOn.com – Kelowna Internet Marketing and Web Design