You launch your website and have a plan to maintain, update, enhance and market it.

Some businesses need to update their website more than others, but regardless, every website should get updated when needed.

Perhaps you are a realtor who is constantly adding and updating real estate listings? Or, maybe you run an online shopping website and are updating with inventory changes? Maybe you are a veterinarian who routinely answers frequently asked questions or shares patient-care stories on your blog? Maybe you are an artist and need to update your portfolio? Maybe you are a small business and are building upon your information pages?

In any case, when you update and maintain your website you should be sure that it remains consistent with your message, look and marketing plan.

Whenever you add or update a page within your website you should remember the following:

1) Your Top Keywords

if the page pertains to any of your top keywords you should be sure to include them within your page heading, website text and metatags (Title, Description and Keywords) where appropriate.

2) Formatting

if you are adding onto a page or adding a new page, is there a style or format that you need to keep for the sake of uniformity? For instance, perhaps all of your pages have a heading and a subheading? Perhaps you utilize an image on the right (or left)? It is important that as you grow your site that you do not lose the design and functionality that your site was built upon.

3) Page Links

can you link to other content within your website? Do you need to provide a link to an outside source? Linking to other pages within your website provides your visitors with a guide to help them find related information/products/services that they may find useful. In addition, a realtor likely wants his visitors to visit the real estate listings page and/or the contact us page; whereas a shopping site wants visitors to visit a product page. It is very helpful to link to these pages when appropriate.

4) Tone and Message

Often businesses ask a number of employees to udpate, manage and maintain a website. Each person may have their own writing style and/or vision; however, a similar tone, message and style should be used throughout the entire website.

5) Your Marketing Plan

Whoever updates your website should understand your Internet marketing goals and plan so that they can ensure that whatever they are adding will help (and not hinder) what you are trying to achieve.

Maintaining, Updating and Growing a website can take a lot of work, but ensuring that it is done right can make all the difference.