Your blog headline needs to be engaging and contain just the right amount of information to draw the visitor to read the post.

Writing the headline may well be the hardest part of writing a blog post, and if you are not putting the effort into writing an enticing one, it may show (to your visitors and your results).

Typical newspaper headlines are short, snappy and to the point. They usually start with the main keyword and then use the next few works to describe what the reader may discover from the article.

For example: Blog Headline Tips For Your Business

Sensational writing will draw you in by playing on your emotions.

For example: If You Do Not Follow Our Blog Headline Tips, Your Blog Is Doomed To Be Read

Both examples leave something to be desired, right? The first may be too ordinary to bring you readers and the second is not appropriate for a good business blog.

The happy medium really is somewhere in between.

Spend some time reviewing blog posts that draw you in. What is it about the headline that grabs your attention?

We are bombarded with information in our emails, our social networks and our day-to-day lives.

It is important that your headline stands out from the crowd and shows your intended audience it is worth reading.

So, what do your blog headlines say about your business? They should show you have some piece of information that is special and deserves to be read. They should show you value the interaction your blog provides. They should show you are of value.

Utilizing your keywords and playing on emotion (without going overboard) is a good strategy to ensure your posts get the attention they deserve.

After all, you spend an hour or two working on your blog post and it would be a shame if they don’t stand out in the sea of information.

By Michelle Collie
Internet Marketing Specialist
GetOn Marketing – Kelowna Web Design and Internet Marketing