7 Things That Make For Good Website Content

You would not write a letter to your Grandma the same way you would right an e-mail to your best friend. The same is true for your Internet copy – – it needs to be different than a business whitepaper or marketing pamphlet.  Your copy needs to be catchy, informative, relevant, succinct, portray your marketing message (if applicable) and be search engine friendly.  When writing content for your website less is more but only if you are able to say what you want to say, have your viewers read it, and encourage them to visit other pages.

Take the real estate industry, for instance.  While offline marketing techniques are still widely used and successful (newspaper listings, hand-outs, magazine and newspaper advertisements, mailers etc.) the Internet has quickly become a huge target for realtors.  Home buyers are turning to the Internet to begin their property searches. In fact, 9 out of 10 home buyers begin their property search online.

Do you know what terms they are searching? Are they finding your website?

This is where your website content comes into play.  If your website content is not related to the search term, your pages will not come up in the Search Engine’s results pages.  Or, if your visitor doesn’t find what they are looking for at first glance, they will leave and try another website.

Good website content is:

  • easy to read
  • easy to scan
  • succinct
  • incorporates keywords and keyword phrases to match the terms your potential visitors will be searching
  • portrays your marketing message
  • is informative
  • encourages visitors to view more pages or to contact you directly

For realtors, special attention should be placed on the copy they are writing for their individual listings.  Many realtors simply copy and paste the content from their print listings into their website. While this may be efficient, it may hinder your ability to be found online.

It is important to have your top keywords handy

stick them on a cork board above your desk or on a sticky note attached to your monitor.  Realtors should refer to their keywords every time they publish a new listing online.  Utilizing one or two of the most appropriate keyword phrases within the listing content can go a long way in helping your website be found by potential home buyers.

As with most things, balance is key.

When writing website copy you need to balance your use of keywords with easy to read, succinct content and your marketing message. This way, you have the best chance of being found, being read and converting your visitors into clients.