What you search for in Google can say a lot about you, don’t you think? Google can tell your interests, your dreams, perhaps even your occupation, where you live and where you are. Collectively, our searches can say a lot about who we are as a nation. For a special chill, watch Google’s video highlighting search habits of 2014. 

The following are category winners in search:

  • Michael Schumaker
  • The Toronto Raptors
  • Jian Ghomeshi
  • Robin Williams
  • 5-bite diet
  • Stephen Harper
  • How to vote
  • Frozen
  • Iggy Izalea
  • Shepherd’s Pie Recipies
  • iPhone 6
  • ALS
The following are overall top searches for 2014:
  • Robin Williams
  • World Cup
  • iPhone 6
  • ebola