New Website Launch - Grizzly Ridge Estates

Kelowna Web Design - Proud to Announce The Launch of Grizzly Ridge Estates Kelowna BC -, a Kelowna-based Internet Marketing and Web Design Firm, is proud to announce the launch of  Grizzly Ridge Estates is a Big White Development, selling whole and fractional real estate at the popular Okanagan Ski Resort. 

Movin' On Up

Our Kelowna office has relocated. Please make note of our new location: GetOn Marketing - Kelowna Web Design Office:  Landmark I 701 - 1726 Dolphin Ave, Landmark I Kelowna, BC, Canada V1Y 9R9   Now that the team has settled into our new office space, we wanted to share how much we are loving the location. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy a gorgeous view of Kelowna and it's mountains, orchards and lakes all day long. 

9 Steps to Creating the Perfect Content Calendar

One way to ensure you stay on track with your content marketing goals is to create a content calendar. While you might think you don't need one because there will always be something to write about, blogging or posting on social media without a plan won't get you anywhere.    9 Steps to Creating the Perfect Content Calendar Write down all your ideas / original angles etc. Identify the requirements of each idea (ie. Imagery needed, data needed, research needed etc.)

How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your Business

  If your business has employees or contractors posting on your social media channels, it is important you set guidelines so your social media correctly reflects your business brand.   Define your brand. What is the feeling behind your business. How do you want your brand reflected on social media. Do you want to lean more toward the corporate or more toward the social.

If Your Business Sends Out Email, You Need to Pay Attention to Canada's New Anti-Spam Law

This is one of those times when we 100% believe all businesses need to read this blog post. We know your first reaction will be to pound your fists in the air and say "I don't have time for this" but the fact of the matter is, it's in your business's best interest to ensure you are in compliance with this new legislation. Is Your Business CASL Compliant? What You Need to Do Before July 1, 2014   Overview of New Anti-Spam Legislation

Internet Leads Travel

Everyone else is planning their vacations and travel online - are you? Here's how to get started: Online Travel Tips for Booking and ResearchingGone are the days when one would pop into the nearby travel agency and have them plan and book your vacation. Often, people would walk in merely 'wanting a vacation' and their agent would guide them in their choice, too.

Video Marketing 101 – It's More Popular and Effective Than You May Think

I will admit, if I am teased into content but then have to watch a video to get the answer I crave, I turn back without hitting play.This is because I learn by reading. I can speed read, spot read, and get to the gist of an article in a manner of moments.

Build Your Brand Mentions

Internet Marketing Professionals are already beginning to theorize what's in store for 2014 in the world of websites and marketing.  If Google's latest patent application is any indication, it's time for businesses to begin tracking 'brand mentions'.

Google AdWords Enhancements

Today, Google announced the following new updates to Adwords that are designed to provide benefits to the advertiser.   1) Bulk Actions – The new feature will allow users to make edits to ads in bulk for items such as location targeting, ad rotation, etc. 2) Automated Bidding – The new feature will allow users the ability to set up automated bidding to either maximize conversions or maximize revenues

Easter Weekend

The team at would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend. Please note, our office is closed Friday and Monday for the holiday. Should you require assistance please email or   Enjoy your weekend and here's hoping the Easter Bunny brings some good treats.
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