Why Do You Want A Website?

The underlying purpose of any website is to sell something. Whether or not you actually have a product for sale, you built a website to sell something, be it your business, your products or your services.

Your website is your chance to tell your visitors why they should choose you over the other guys as well as to show them how to choose you over the other guys. Are they buying online? Phoning? Popping into your store? Booking an appointment?

How To Build a Website That Sells Your Services/Products/Business:

1) Know your target audience – your website can’t be all things to all people, just as your business is not all things to all people. When you understand your target visitors, you can aim your site toward them.

2) Keep It Simple Content – you don’t want to give everything away on your website. You want your visitors to have a reason to call and learn more about your business. You want them to contact you for more information, fill out a form and book an appointment.  Web visitors won’t read all the content so make sure you format your content so it can be easily scanned. This means lists, putting things in bold etc. While you may wish to provide information on your website, make sure you use calls to actions throughout so they can convert from visitor to client.

3) Get Them To You – How many times have you visited a website and had to search around for the phone number, email address or business address? Your phone number, email address and even business address should be visible on every page. This includes your homepage!

4) Tell Them – Don’t beat around the bush. When you understand what your visitors are looking for and you know you can serve them well, be upfront and show your visitors why you are the right business for them. Then tell them what you need them to do. Use calls to action to encourage them to buy/call/contact etc.

5) Don’t Be Humble – Nobody wants to be a braggart; however, it is okay to be proud of your business, your products and services. Showcase your strengths.

Of course you want your website to look nice, but your ultimate goal should be that it serves your ultimate purpose: to sell your business to your future and current clients. You want your website to be an extension of your offline business and you may wish to provide valuable information on your website, but never lose site of your original website goal.